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Nick's 12th Annual New Years Day Ride 01/01/2012
Our annual New Year's Day ride this year was pretty good. Some of the regulars did not show, but we had a decent turnout anyway. Domingo's had an excellent buffet waiting for us and although the bikers quickly outnumbered the seating, the wait was not that bad considering the amount of people that showed up both from Barstow and from Ridgecrest.

Speaking of the Ridgecrest riders, a couple of days ago Dave "Corny" Cornelius - President of ABATE Local 58 in Ridgecrest (also a member of the VNVMC / Legacy Vets went down on his bike and last I heard he was in a coma in Bakersfield. Before riding today, Chaplain Brad Wells of the Lucerne Valley Christian Motorcycle Association led a special prayer for Dave and for our ride today. Hopefully, Dave will get better and be riding soon. We'll try to keep you posted.

I hope to see more of you at the 2013 New Year's Day ride. In the meantime, for the next two years I will be a member of the board of directors for ABATE of Carlifornia - I will be in Sacramento next weekend and will bring back lots of information with me. If you have any motorcycle law concerns, call me and I'll do what I can to get answers. Also, it would be nice to get a large local going again in Barstow again like we once had. Anybody that wants information about ABATE or would like to join ABATE, please call me, email me, or just stop in and talk with me.


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