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Nick's 11th Annual New Years Day Ride 01/01/2011

This New Years Day ride was certainly one to remember. Due to my recent knee surgery, I was unable to ride, so I was in my car. On the positive side, this year was so cold (36 degrees when we left) that although I would love to have been riding, the heater did feel pretty good.

This year Domingo put on a buffet to speed things up a bit. It is rather hard for a small restaurant to feed a little over 100 hungry bikers in a hurry. We from the Barstow crowd once again met up with the Ridgecrest crowd and that makes for a big group of bikers to be fed. The buffet worked out great. I did not hear any complaints about speed this year but I did hear a lot about how good the food was. Great job Domingo!

On the down side, I heard second hand that two bikers (one from Barstow and one from Victorville) went down on their bikes. Hopefully both will be ok. If I hear more or if they need anything, I'll send out a call for help so that we can help one of our own.

Everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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